We have developed a premier solution for the National government and its parastatals to enable revolutionize operation in this sector. ABN Genesis is an enterprise solution purpose-built for people-centric governments and organizations. Its high-performance back-office capabilities include core financials, budgeting, procurement, HR and payroll, with tools that empower your people to work their way instead of constraining them’ Streamline back-office functions to focus resources on quality front office service to your constituents and stakeholders. The flexibility inherent in our solutions translates to easier, faster resolutions of change for you from reorganization and shared services deployment to outsourcing and expanding scopes of responsibility.

County Government

We have developed a premier software solution called ABN Revenue Management System for National and County Government revenue functions. A BN RMS is a custom premier software solution tailored for institutions responsible for collecting revenues. It provides state-of-the-art modules for processing a full suite of revenue streams including local sales, rents, rates, permits, occupational license, parking fees, insurance premiums and other related fees.

It allows the maintenance of taxpayer account and registered business information, tracking vendor histories, processing fee statements, generating letters to notify taxpayers of account issues. Its the latest solution to e-county and central governments’ functions of enhancing revenue collections hence growing the economy. It is a web-based revenue management system that also provides multiple payment options across different providers and generates reports for monitoring the revenue collection from the various sources. The solutions come with a portal for the customers to carry out online applications and track their bills and payments and a mobile application for the same.

The revenue management ensures that the citizens get timely alerts when their invoices fall due. These invoices are generated automatically .Rich graphical reports on the various revenue streams via pie charts and graphs are also available making the day to day operations efficient, increasing productivity and minimizing the revenue spillage haps. Receipts are updated on a real time basis ensuring the county has the most accurate data at any given time so it can be able to make well informed decisions. Permits are securely printed from the citizen’s portal once the payments have been confirmed and the system incorporates the workflows to have approvals online. The revenue management system is integrated with the banks in a seamless manner.

Key benefits of this solutions include but not limited to the following:
  • Reduce Taxpayer Burden Enjoy first-rate functionality and rapid implementations, at a significantly lower cost of ownership than your competitors can offer.
  • Serve citizens better Satisfy citizen service requests with connected, intuitive, mobile technologies, and powerful analytic reporting tools. This makes the citizens have a feel of their governments undertakings.
  • Empower employees Enable employees to focus on more complex tasks, deliver greater value and improve job satisfaction with automation and self-service tools.
  • Trust Data Security Provide transparency without risking data security with cloud creating data redundancy in case of a disaster, public, private or premise, at a price you can afford.
  • Business permits and renewals
  • Properties and land management
  • Tenants management
  • Citizen portal
  • Cash Management
  • Rent collection
  • Business Registration
  • Workflow Management
  • Reports
ABN Genesis ERP System

ABN GENESIS is a wholesome integrated solution that aids corporates harness data and automation to stay productive, efficient and profitable while transforming and bringing brands alive. Its in-depth features and superior architecture inspire a high confidence level in decision making through incisive reporting tethered with the  provision of real time insights that ultimately help streamline, optimize and simplify business operations