We have a premier software solution called Mteja360. The solution is tailored to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization thought-out the customer lifecycle. With this solution, you can capture and evaluate the context of every customer interaction. Combined with historical customer data you can apply this intelligence to provide customers with a relevant experience. This way you will be able to address their concerns in time and guarantee retention.

This solution offers the following benefits to the organization.
  • Run and open transparent customer-centric business
  • Act on customer feedback promptly
  • Deliver consistent service that will maintain customer experiences
  • Train customer-facing employees sufficiently
  • Give customers a personalized experience
  • Take the customers point of view to improve
  • Reports provide platforms of making sound decisions.
Mteja 360

“Mteja” is a Kiswahili word which refers to “customer” while “360” means all round. In a nut shell, Mteja360 means taking care of your customers’ needs all round. It is a cloud-based premier customer experience management software solution that empowers brands and organizations to deliver productive, proactive and personalized customer service round the clock from touch down through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement.